Tsai Ming-Liang

Born in Malaysia in 1957, Tsai Ming Liang moved to Taiwan in 1977. He is one of the most prominent film directors of Taiwan’s new cinema movement. He directed films such as Vive l’Amour (1994), Golden Lion at the Venice Film Festival; The River (1997, 21st Mostra), Silver Bear at the Berlin Film Festival; The Hole (1998), Critics’s Prize at the Cannes Film Festival; What Time is it There? (2001, 26th Mostra); The Skywalk Is Gone (2002, 27th Mostra); Goodbye, Dragon Inn (2003, 27th Mostra), The Wayward Cloud (2004) and Stray Dogs (2013), Grand Special Jury Prize at the Venice Film Festival, and Days (2020, 44th Mostra). He has also directed Aquarium, a segment of the feature Welcome to São Paulo (2004), produced by Mostra. He has also directed the feature Face (2009), on invitation of the Louvre Museum.

Filmes já exibidos na mostra

  • Stray Dogs (37ª MOSTRA)
  • The Skywalk Is Gone (27ª MOSTRA)
  • Goodbye Dragon Inn (27ª MOSTRA)
  • O Rio (21ª MOSTRA)
  • What Time Is It There? (26ª MOSTRA)
  • The Wayward Cloud (29ª MOSTRA)
  • I Don’t Want to Sleep Alone (30ª MOSTRA)
  • Days (44ª MOSTRA)