José Eduardo Belmonte

Born in Brasília, Distrito Federal, Brazil, in 1970. He is a director and writer, known for feature films such as Conception (2005), If Nothing Else Works Out (2008, 32nd Mostra), Alemão: Both Sides of the Operation (2014) and Alemão 2 (2022), Carcereiros - O Filme (2019, 43rd Mostra) and The Truths (2021, 45th Mostra). Belmonte also directed the short movie Tepê (1999), presented at the 24th Mostra.

Filmes já exibidos na mostra

  • Tepê (24ª MOSTRA)
  • If Nothing Else Work Out (32ª MOSTRA)
  • (43ª MOSTRA)