The Understudy (2008)

Sobre o filme

ebecca is an unemployed actress rooming with an equally unsuccessful screenwriter, Sarfras. Much to the derision of her WASP family, comprising of senators, judges and lawyers, Rebecca ekes out a living by caring for a blind diabetic woman whilst careering from one disastrous relationship to the next. When invited to understudy a moviestar, Simone, to play Harwin, in Electra, Rebecca’ unfulfillment is compounded: despite outshining the “Queen of action movies” with her talent, Rebecca finds herself bullied or ignored by the cast and crew, including Ian, the neurotic director and Alison, the duplicitous stage manager. Her salvation appears to be in a relationship with the seemingly perfect NY Firefighter, Bobby. As accidents start to befall the leading ladies of Electra and Rebecca’ star begins to rise, suspicion surrounds the understudy. Can Rebecca hold onto the leading role and her freedom?

Título original: The Understudy

Ano: 2008

Duração: 104 minutos

País: United States, England

Cor: color


Roteiro: David Conolly, Hannah Davis

Fotografia: Joe Foley

Elenco: Marin Ireland, Paul Sparks, Aasif Mandvi, Gloria Reuben, Amy Redford, Kelli Giddish

Produtor: David Conolly, Hannah Davis

Música: Carl Davis