Sobre o filme

Wiebke lives with her adoptive daughter, Nicolina, a nine-year-old, in a horse farm. After years waiting, Wiebke finally adopts another girl, to give Nicolina the sister she always wanted. Raya, a five-year-old, arrives in the farm and, during the first weeks, get along with her new family just fine. But the child soon begins to show an aggressive behavior and becomes a danger to herself and others. Wiebke will have to cross borders and take extreme decisions to protect her daughters.

Título original: PELIKANBLUT

Ano: 2019

Classificação: 16 years

Duração: 120 min

Gênero: Fiction

País: Germany, Bulgaria

Tags: Germany, Bulgaria, parenthood, childhood, family drama, female directors

Cor: cor


Roteiro: Katrin Gebbe

Fotografia: Moritz Schultheiss

Montagem: Heike Gnida

Elenco: Nina Hoss, Katerina Lipovska, Adelia-Constance, Murathan Muslu

Produtor: Verena Gräfe-Höft

Produção: Junafilm

Música: Johanne Lehniger, Sebastian Damerius

World Sales: Films Boutique