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Helle has been waiting forever for her workaholic husband Peter to retire, so they can enjoy the autumn of their life together. She really wants to travel and explore the world with him, but when Peter comes home from his last day at work, life takes a surprisingly new turn, as he has a big surprise for her. He is pursuing a new career as a wine importer and has invested all their savings in an exclusive vineyard in Austria. Helle and Peter split up and, separately, set out on a blazing journey of discovery, filled with new opportunities, problems and dreams.

Título original: HAPPY ENDING

Ano: 2018

Classificação: 16 years

Duração: 100 min

Gênero: Fiction

País: Denmark

Tags: Denmark, search for freedom, existential crisis, family drama, love relationship, old age, female directors

Cor: cor


Roteiro: Mette Heeno

Fotografia: Kim Hogh

Montagem: Julius Krebs Damsbo

Elenco: Birthe Neumann, Kurt Ravn, Charlotte Sieling, Marianne Høgsbro, Tammi Øst, Rikke Bilde

Produtor: Mie Andreasen, Roar Skau Olsen

Produção: Happy Ending Film & TV

Música: Flemming Nordkrog

World Sales: m-appeal