Sobre o filme

Climate scientist Phoebe Phaidon starts with a teaching contract at the Institute for Cybernetics at Berlin University to take over the seminar “Introduction to Simulation Studies” of Brenda Berger, head of the institute. Brenda needs to attend to her externally funded project —a virtual simulation of climate change— in hopes of preventing the threatened shutdown of her institute by the university board. Everything depends on a successful evaluation at the end of the semester. Phoebe is obliged to work on the simulation, and a corporate consultant is hired as a motivational coach for the institute’s employees. Meanwhile, endowed professor Alfon Abstract-Wege gains attention with a project on nutrition control. Phoebe’s students suspect a corporate interest at play behind Abstract-Wege’s research and disrupt daily operations by occupying the university’s library. Phoebe travels to a conference in Gdańsk, Poland with her colleague Julius Kelp to decipher the secret behind the looming apocalypse.


Ano: 2019

Classificação: 10 years

Duração: 80 min

Gênero: Fiction

País: Germany

Tags: Germany, environment, music

Cor: cor

Direção: Max Linz

Roteiro: Nicolas von Passavant

Fotografia: Carlos Andrés López

Montagem: Bernd Euscher, René Frölke

Elenco: Sarah Ralfs, Bernd Moss, Philipp Hauß, Sophie Rois

Produtor: Maximilian Haslberger, Cooky Ziesche

Produção: Amerikafilm, Rundfunk Berlin-Brandenburg