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Maarten feels like he is living his life on autopilot: his marriage is bearable, his children are healthy, his job as a professor is no longer challenging. One day, Maarten is at a market that is robbed. Somehow, the man ends up with the burglar’s gun and takes it home. Just the fact of knowing that there’s a gun in his house gives Maarten the courage he needs to face his problems. But he becomes addicted to the power and soon begins to carry the weapon with him. Everything becomes even worse when the robber, the gun’s true owner, finds him

Título original: BOY MEETS GUN

Ano: 2019

Classificação: 16 years

Duração: 84 min

Gênero: Fiction

País: The Netherlands

Tags: The Netherlands, crime, existential crisis, family drama

Cor: cor

Direção: Joost van Hezik

Roteiro: Willem Bosch

Fotografia: Joris Kerbosch

Montagem: Xander Nijsten

Elenco: Eelco Smits, Victor Ijdens, Mara van Vlijmen, Helen Kamperveen, Phi Nguyen

Produtor: Pieter Kuijpers, Sander van Meurs, Iris Otten

Produção: Pupkin

Música: Christiaan Verbeek

World Sales: Media Luna