The Princess of Nebraska (2007)

Sobre o filme

A young woman named Sasha has been studying in Omaha, Nebraska, after leaving Beijing, pregnant from a fling with Yang. A Beijing Opera star, Yang was kicked out of the troupe for his scandalous tryst with an American man, Boshen. Yang is now working as a hustler on the streets of Beijing and has cut off all ties to both lovers. Sasha arrives in San Francisco with plans to get an abortion, having interrupted her semester for the trip. She is located by Boshen, who wants to lure Yang to America by starting a family with Sasha and her baby. With storied San Francisco and all its vast possibilities in front of her, Sasha begins to rethink her intentions and her future, particularly after meeting and befriending the prostitute X.

Título original: The Princess of Nebraska

Ano: 2007

Duração: 77 minutos

País: United States, China

Cor: color


Roteiro: Michael Ray

Fotografia: Richard Wong

Elenco: Ling Li, Brian Danforth, Pamelyn Chee, Patrice Binaisa

Produtor: Yukie Kito, Donald Young

Música: Kent Sparling