The Red Door (1996)

Sobre o filme

A celebration of faith and innocence will define this drama in which film maker Buddhadeb Dasgupta takes a step forward in consolidating his philosophical position and his poetic vision of the art of making films. This is the study of a man: a well-known dentist, shaken by a crisis in faith and moral values who gradually loses the moral integrity that was once his pride. Navin Dutta is a man bound to a moral and psychological dilemma from which he will never escape. His relationship with his wife and son has deteriorated. He can no longer count on the understanding and support of those he considered his friends. In the same proportion in which he gains in fame, fortune, and power, Navin becomes a solitary, sad man. The magic words that previously opened the doors of his imagination and of his fantasy no longer work. Today he is a man down-hearted, bereft of the innocence and faith that have always guided him.

Título original: Lal Darja

Ano: 1996

Duração: 100 minutos

País: India

Cor: colorido


Elenco: Champa, Shubhendu Chatterjee, Asad, Indrani Haldar, Nandini Malia, Payal Guha