Comrade Kim Goes Flying (2012)

Sobre o filme

Comrade Kim Yong Mi is a 28-year-old coal miner who lives with her father and grandmother in the North Korean countryside. During her youth, Kim often dreamed of becoming an acrobat, a dream supported by her mother. After her mother’s death, her father insisted on coal mining as a future. Kim’s love for acrobats, however, never goes away. When she travels to Pyongyang to work at the construction site for a year, the first thing she does is visiting the circus, where the opportunity to live her dream arrives. This is the first Western-financed feature film made entirely in North Korea.

Título original: Comrade Kim Goes Flying

Ano: 2012

Classificação: General Audiences

Duração: 81 min.

Gênero: Fiction

País: Belgium, United Kingdom, North Korea

Cor: color


Roteiro: Sin Myong-Sik, Kim Chol

Fotografia: Hwang Jin Sok, Tom Mulder, Stefan Rycken

Montagem: Alain Dessauvage, Kim Yun Sim, Gao Bing, Ren Jia

Elenco: Han Jong Sim, Pak Chung Guk, Ri Yong Ho

Produtor: Anja Daelemans, Nicholas Bonner, Ryom Mi Hwa

Produção: Another Dimension of an Idea, Korea Film Export and Import, Koryo Group

Música: Ham Chol, Frederik Van de Moortel