Padak (2012)

Sobre o filme

Once a free fish in the ocean, the mackerel was caught by the fishing net and brought to the fish tank in a seafood restaurant. She relentlessly searches for a way out since she came into the tank. The skeptic pessimist “old-flatfish” was also from the ocean, unlike other fishes in the tank raised in the fish farm. As the longest survivor in the tank, he reigns over other fishes with his knowledge of survival. To him, mackerel`s protest to escape from the tank is a threat to his regime.

Título original: Padak

Ano: 2012

Classificação: General Audiences

Duração: 78 min

Gênero: Animation

Cor: color

Direção: LEE DAE HEE

Roteiro: Lee Dae Hee, Gilho Kang

Montagem: Gilho Kang

Produtor: Lee Dae Hee

Produção: E-Dehi Animation Studio

Música: Yona

World Sales: Indiestory Inc.