Zur Hadassim (1998)

Sobre o filme

Shaul, Etti, Illana and Eddi. Each one of these in his own unique, special way, is trying to improve in life. In the end, their desires become revealing dreams that all wish to attain or, at least, to get close to their objectives. The heterogeneous group consisting of Shaul, Etti, Illana and Eddi wake to reality and, in Zur Hadassim, they discover that their dream has always been and always will be ?close to our heart, but far from our reach?.

Título original: Zur Hadassim

Ano: 1998

Duração: 100 minutos

País: Israel

Cor: colorido


Roteiro: Eran Kolirin

Fotografia: Amnon Solomon

Montagem: Itzhak Zhayek

Elenco: Danny Sttag, Orly Ben-Garty, Albert Iluz, Dafna Recter

Produtor: Danny Ben-Menachem