Zebra Crossings (2008)

Sobre o filme

Set amongst the backdrop of the towering, concrete-clad estates of south London Zebra Crossings blends a diverse mixture of characters that all share one thing in common: The incredible loneliness of living alongside 7 million other people. Blending the surreal, and very real, we take an intense journey in search of friendship, belief and religion. With a lacklustre father and estranged mother, Justin’s only source of perennial control comes from an unlikely source, his bed-ridden sister Suzanne. But Justin needs is a real mentor, a father figure, someone who can provide guidance before it’s all too late. In steps Marcus, unlike anyone Justin has ever known before, calm, soft, assured… but does he want something from Justin? Meanwhile, Tommy’s abandonment issues haunt him once again, and his class-A drug addiction has sent him into full destruction mode. Also, the pressure from a rival gang has reached exploding point. Justin must find the answer to it all, and quick.

Título original: Zebra Crossings

Ano: 2008

Duração: 140 minutos

País: England

Cor: color e P&B digital


Roteiro: Sam Holland

Fotografia: Sam Holland

Elenco: Lee Turnbull, Greg Wakeman, Aaron White, Kyle Treslove

Produtor: Anastasia Atanesyan

Música: Paul Sumpter