Victor Young Perez (2013)

Sobre o filme

"Tunisian Jewish boxer Victor Perez begins training at the age of 14, along with his older brother Benjamin ""Kid"" Perez. He rises to fame thanks to the help and guidance of Leon Bellier, a prominent boxing manager responsible for taking the siblings to Paris. In France, he has a relationship with French-Italian actress Mireille Balin and wins the International Boxing Union’s crown, becoming the youngest world champion in boxing history. But in the German-occupied French capital, Perez is arrested in 1943 and taken to Auschwitz, where he is reunited with his brother Benjamin and is forced to participate in boxing matches for the amusement of the Nazis. Based on the true story of the man who is said to have fought 140 matches in 15 months, winning 139 of them."

Título original: Victor Young Perez

Ano: 2013

Duração: 110 min.

Gênero: Fiction

País: France, Israel, Bulgaria

Cor: cor


Roteiro: Jacques Ouaniche, Yoni Darmon

Fotografia: Pierre-Yves Bastard

Montagem: Emmanuelle Mimran

Elenco: Brahim Asloum, Patrick Bouchitey, Steve Suissa

Produtor: Nelly Kafsky, Jacques Ouaniche

Produção: Noe Productions, Mazel Productions

Música: Didier Lockwood

World Sales: Picture Tree International