Trails (1978)

Sobre o filme

A poetic journey through some of the myths and legends of Portugal. A man and a woman arrive at the coast from Trás-os-Montes and, during the journey, encounter different legends and boulders, provinces, and different obstacles. This is one version of the story of Branca-Flor, interwoven with scenes of the Portuguese people at work, where the secret jargon of the Rio de Onor and parables of the Catholic Church are seen by the director as oppressive. Suddenly a woman begins to recite verses from an unknown poem to a background of a staged production of a drama by Aeschylus. People begin to fight. João César Monteiro made Trails as the first movement of an unfinished symphony.

Título original: Veredas

Ano: 1978

Duração: 123 minutos

País: Portugal

Cor: Col


Roteiro: Maria Velho da Costa

Fotografia: Acácio de Almeida

Elenco: Margarida Gil, António Mendes, Carmen Duarte,

Produtor: Henrique Espírito Santo