Stranded (2007)

Sobre o filme

The personal and collective trauma brought on by the tragedy and even by survival demanded time for serene reflection on the event. The idea is to describe in as much detail as possible what these people felt at the time and what they feel today 35 years later. For such, statements were gathered from the 16 survivors, for the first time. Each one of them spent 24 hours facing a camera, discussing the transcendental sense of existence and asking himself: Why? Why me? Who decides? The director also worked with the children of some of the survivors who, by their presence, made greater sense of the experience. Production included the participation of César Charlone, well-known camera-man and photographer for films such as Cidade de Deus, O Jardineiro Fiel, and O Banheiro do Papa (best film at the 31st Mostra), for the reconstruction of more delicate scenes.

Título original: Vengo de Un Avion Que Cayo En Las Montañas

Ano: 2007

Duração: 127 minutos

País: Uruguay

Cor: color, digital


Roteiro: Gonzalo Arijón

Fotografia: Cesar Charlone, Pablo Zubizarreta

Produtor: Marc Silvera

Música: Florencia Di Concilio