Valerie (2006)

Sobre o filme

Right before Christmas the once successful model Valerie ends up in Berlin. She still has a room in the exclusive Hotel Hyatt, but actually the 29 year old girl is completely broke and without any prospects. In front of friends and colleagues she hides the seriousness of her situation. When Valerie has to leave her hotel room, she doesn’t even have enough money to pay the fee for the parking lot. From that point on, she spends the nights in her car and lives like a stowaway in the world of the rich and beautiful.

Título original: Valerie

Ano: 2006

Duração: 85 minutos

País: Germany

Cor: color, 35mm


Roteiro: R.Rehmet, I.Haller, M.Baisch, B.Moeller, E.Sudmann

Fotografia: Kolja Raschke

Elenco: Agata Buzek, Devid Striesow, Guntbert Warns, Birol Uenel, Anne Sarah Hartung

Produtor: Susann Schimk, Jörg Trentmann

Música: Christian Conrad