A State of Being (2000)

Sobre o filme

To director Paul Cohen, the contemporary world has lent a new meaning to the fourth commandment (“Remember the sabbath day to keep it holy”. How is it possible to keep the sabbath and holy days if the schedule for modern man is beset with so many duties that very little room, if any, is left for spiritual values and rules. With the world functioning like clockwork, man becomes one of the gears. This mechanizing of the soul means that human beings run the risk of losing their spirituality owing to the materialistic pragmatism of our days. In addition to this issue, the documentary shows that this is not the only commandment that is violated, but it is regarded as a law of lesser importance. This film is part of The Ten Commandments, idealized by Paul de Bont, that includes medium-length films that were made by the greatest directors of documentaries in Netherlands.

Título original: Een Staat Van Zijn

Ano: 2000

Duração: 52 minutos

País: Netherlands

Cor: colorido


Roteiro: Paul Cohen

Fotografia: Paul Cohen

Montagem: Berenike Rozgonyi

Elenco: Ed van der Woude, Gerrit Zant

Produtor: Carmen Cobos, Kees Ryninks