Doomed Love (2008)

Sobre o filme

“Death should not be hard to those who have their hearts at ease. It does not matter if there is nothing beyond this life. At least, to die is to forget. Do not miss life, do not, even if reason tells you that you could have been happy if you hadn‚Äôt met me on the path where I have led you to your death‚Ķ” (Simão, in Doomed Love, by Camilo Castelo Branco) This could be a story about the encounter between Simão and Teresa, set against the conflict of two families of Portuguese high society. Simão is a teenager almost like a child, loner, inflexible, narcissistic, destructive and suicidal that attracts most of the people he meets like a fatal aura, a black light. But does Teresa exist or is she a mere figment, an image, a reflection? Teresa is an apparition. A pretext for an amoral and violent uprising, for a Doomed Love.

Título original: Um Amor de Perdição

Ano: 2008

Duração: 84 minutos

País: Portugal

Cor: color, digital

Direção: Mário Barroso

Roteiro: Carlos Saboga

Fotografia: Mário Barroso

Elenco: Tomás Alves, Patrícia Franco, William Brandão, Catarina Wallenstein

Produtor: Paulo Branco

Música: Bernardo Sassetti