Tolerance (2000)

Sobre o filme

Júlio is forty years old. In the seventies, he had dreamed he could change the world with his impact-type images. Today, he is content to improve the images he must edit for a magazine for adults on his computer. Márcia, aged 38, was also very idealistic and dreamed of embracing great causes. Things, however, changed. Time passed, her daughter Guida was born, and she found a good job. Order seems to have been established until Márcia tells Júlio that she had an affair with Teodoro, one of her clients. The conflict is to go deeper with the arrival on the scene of Anamaria, a friend of Guida?s who arouses Júlio to new heights of emotion. With the stage set, all are to test their limits of tolerance.

Título original: Tolerância

Ano: 2000

País: Brazil

Cor: colorido


Roteiro: Carlos Gerbase, Jorge Furtado, Giba Assis Brasil, Álvaro Teixeira

Fotografia: Alex Sernambi

Montagem: Giba Assis Brasil

Elenco: Maitê Proença, Roberto Bomtempo, Maria Ribeiro, Nelson Diniz, Ana Maria Mainieri, Werner Sch√ºnemann

Produtor: Luciana Tomasi, Nora Goulart