Sobre o filme

On the surface, Chris and Gitti are lost in perfect amorous bliss during their getaway in their Sardinia vacation home. But amidst their playful romps, secret rituals and silly habits, belies an underlying tension. Full of verve, the idiosyncratic Gitti is fearless in expressing her love and devotion for Chris, while Chris is more reserved in his outlook on life and sports varying personal and professional degrees of insecurity. In a silly attempt at life style bootlegging, Chris begins to show his willful girlfriend who is boss, with the result that Gitti’ faith in her partner takes a hard knock. She attempts to conform to his new ideal, but what begins as a playful experiment soon turns into a quiet struggle with her own personality. While Chris flourishes in his role as the stronger one of the two, Gitti begins to loosen up. Winner of the Jury Grand Prix at the Berlin International Film Festival of 2009.

Título original: ALLE ANDEREN

Ano: 2009

Classificação: 14 years

Duração: 119 min

Gênero: Fiction

País: Germany

Tags: Germany, sexism, female directors, love relationship, Carte Blanche

Cor: cor

Direção: MAREN ADE

Roteiro: Maren Ade

Fotografia: Bernhard Keller

Montagem: Heike Parplies

Elenco: Birgit Minichmayr, Lars Eidinger, Nicole Marischka, Hans-Jochen Wagner

Produtor: Janine Jackowski, Dirk Engelhardt, Maren Ade

Produção: Komplizen Film