The Bluetooth Virgin (2008)

Sobre o filme

In The Bluetooth Virgin, two writers must face a dilemma that is common to anyone who has ever had an artistic friend: What happens when you have to give feedback, and the news isn’t good? Sam, an aspiring screenwriter, and David, a successful magazine editor, have been pals for years. When David doesn’t appreciate Sam’s latest attempt, it opens a fissure in their friendship, one that spreads through the rest of their lives. Ultimately, both men must reevaluate their motivations to write, their need for praise and validation, and what it means to see yourself as you actually are.

Título original: The Bluetooth Virgin

Ano: 2008

Duração: 80 minutos

Cor: color digital


Roteiro: Russell Brown

Fotografia: Marco Fargnoli

Elenco: Austin Peck, Bryce Johnson, Tom Gilroy, Lauren Stamile, Roma Maffia, Amber Benson, Karen Black

Produtor: Russell Brown

Música: Frederick Helm