Tesoro Mio (1999)

Sobre o filme

A freely adapted version of a real fact that occurred in Argentina in 1994. One day, Mario Fendrich, sub-treasurer of the Banco Nación in the city of Santa Fé, gives up on his career and on his family. He embezzles money from the bank and becomes an idol to many Argentinians. The theft was the possibility of ensuring a better future, something that work and the State would not guarantee. His treachery was a reflection of the discredit and of the wear that institutions undergo within society. To rob a bank where he had worked for years was an individualistic response that was to reproduce a corrupt environment with no social ideals. As from this isolated action, the script discusses what leads a person to abandon the ideals that were the driving force in life for over twenty years, taking a risk in an adventure that is to make him an outlaw.

Ano: 1999

Duração: 87 minutos

País: Argentina

Cor: colorido


Roteiro: Sergio Bellotti

Fotografia: Esteban Sapir

Montagem: Santiago Ricci

Elenco: Gabriel Goity, Edda Bustamente, Victoria Onetto, Déborah Warren, Martín Adjemián, Edgardo Nievas, Alejandro Awada, Antonio Ugo

Produtor: Sergio Bellotti