Shame (2007)

Sobre o filme

In 2002, in a remote village in Pakistan, 30-year-old Mukhtaran Mai’ life changed forever when the tribal council sanctioned a punishment against her for a crime allegedly committed by her younger brother. Following the custom of “honour for honour”, Mai was gang-raped and then publicly paraded as an example. Normally the only recourse for such a woman would be suicide. Instead, Mai sought justice and shook Pakistan’ decaying judicial system to the core. The international press and human rights organizations turned her case into a cause célèbre. The Pakistani government eventually paid her reparations, which she invested in a school to give local children the education she never had : even the children of her attackers were enrolled. She was flown around world to receive awards and speak on women’ rights. This documentary film presents the astonishing spirit, resilience and self-belief that sustained Mai through her incredible journey.

Título original: Shame

Ano: 2007

Duração: 96 minutos

Cor: color, digital


Fotografia: Ahmed Bashir, Sajjad Naqvi

Produtor: Jill Schneider

Música: Janek Dzynsky