Seven Days Sunday (2007)

Sobre o filme

On a Sunday like any other Sunday in 1996, Adam and Tommek meet their friends at the square on their council estate. But this Sunday will end differently to any other. Out of their boredom comes a bet. The stakes... a human life. Based on true facts.

Título original: Sieben Tage Sonntag

Ano: 2007

Duração: 80 minutos

País: Germany

Cor: color, digital


Roteiro: Niels Laupert

Fotografia: Christoph Dammast

Elenco: Ludwig Trepte, Martin Kiefer, Jil Funke, Karin Baal

Produtor: Thomas Bartl, Alexander Dierbach, Niels Laupert

Música: Michael Heilrath