Sounds of Sand (2006)

Sobre o filme

On the one hand, there’ the desert eating away at the land. The endless dry season, the lack of water. On the other there’ the threat of war. The village well has run dry. The livestock is dying. Trusting their instinct, most of the villagers leave and head south. Rahne, the only literate one, decides to head east with his three children and Mouna, his wife. A few sheep, some goats and Chamelle, a dromedary, are their only riches. A tale of exodus, quest, hope and fatality. Rahne and his family travel across hostile lands under a lethal sun, walking endlessly onwards and frequently crossing paths with death. But the film is also a parable about determination and eternity that takes us in the footsteps of Shasha, a nomad child full of the joys of life, whose tenacity and strength will conquer her father’ love.

Título original: Si Le Vent Soulève Les Sables

Ano: 2006

Duração: 96 minutos

País: Belgium

Cor: color, 35mm


Roteiro: Marion Hänsel

Fotografia: Walter Vanden Ende

Elenco: Issaka Sawadogo, Carole Karemera,

Produtor: Marion Hänsel

Música: René Marc Bini, Henri Morelle.