Samurai Fiction (1998)

Sobre o filme

Considered the "first rock?n?roll samurai drama", Samurai Fiction is a satire that takes place in Japan 300 years ago. At the time, the country was overruled by the Shoguns, who with their samurai warriors reinstated order and peace. Immoderate Heishiro Inukai who belongs to the Nagashima clan, appoints his swordsman Zamatsuri to guard the treasures in the castle. However, he is a traitor and steals the sacred sword, the most precious icon for the clan. So that his family will not fall in disgrace, Heishiro goes in search of the precious sword assisted by two of his best friends -Kurosawa and Suzuki. They come face to face with the terrible Kasamatsu. With Kurosawa dead and Heishiro badly wounded, Suzuki must do battle alone. Meanwhile, Heishiro is left in the care of the "pacifist samurai" Hanbei Mizoguchi and his beautiful daughter Koharu. During his slow convalescence, Hanbei nourishes him with a spiritual diet of a philosophy of non-violence. Koharu, who the samurai falls in love with, caters to his physical needs.

Ano: 1998

Duração: 111 minutos

País: Japan

Cor: preto e branco


Roteiro: Hiroyuki Nakano, Hiroshi Saito

Fotografia: Yujiro Yajima

Elenco: Morio Kazama, Mitsuro Fukikoshi, Tomoyasu Hotei, Tamaki Ogawa, Mari Natsuki, Taketoshi Naitô

Produtor: Takaaki Ezaki, Hiroto Kimura, Kaoru Hayashi, Tsuyoshi Takashiro