The Age of Killers (1967)

Sobre o filme

This screenplay, based one of the pioneer of Japanese modern mystery writer Michio Tsuzukis novel, was wrote for Nikkatsu studio by Ei Ogawa and Tadashi Yamazaki firstly. Kihachi Okamoto gat this screenplay, he made some minor changes and directed strange, full of black humor action movie. But, Toho studio didn’t like this movie, and they putted off this movie from programs of theaters till Seven months later from completion.10 years later, Japanese movie fans found this movie, and accepted with excitement. Now, The Age of Killers called the great curt movie of Okamoto. In the story, the council of population control was terrible organization of Dr.Mizorogi. He made his lunatic asylums patients for killers, and operated killers company under the ward Population control by killing useless people. An ex-Nazi German Brukenmyer visit Mizorogi and ask him to kill three no-related people for testing his company.

Título original: Satsujinkyo Jidai

Ano: 1967

Duração: 99 minutos

País: Japan

Cor: P&B


Roteiro: Ei Ogawa, Kihachi Okamoto, Tadashi Yamazaki

Fotografia: Rokuro Nishigaki

Elenco: Tatsuya Nakadai, Reiko Dan, Hideo Sunazuka, Eisei Amamoto, Keiici Taki

Produtor: Tomoyuki Tanaka, Toshiro Mifune

Música: Masaru Sato