Breakout (2006)

Sobre o filme

Set in a juvenile prison, this coming of age drama is all about love, youth, right and wrong, and break-dance. It is a compelling film about suburban gangs, honour, friendship and love, but above all it is the story of a young man and his escape from misery through music and dance. Nia lives in Zurich`s suburbia. One night Nia and his best friend Pulpo get into a gang fight because Pulpo fancies Foxy, the ex-girlfriend of rival gang leader Spirit. Pulpo is badly injured in the brawl, and Nia, who refuses to betray the other gang members, ends up in a detention centre. He soon finds himself in trouble with other inmates and obnoxious correction officers, but he also meets beautiful and tough attorney Nicole, who tries to help him. At first Nia refuses to co-operate in any way, but then Pulpo commits suicide. Seeking revenge, Nia decides to break out. With Nicole`s help, he manages to escape, but instead of killing Spirit, he chooses to beat his rival in a thrilling break-dance battle. Nia’s decision does not find favour with all of his fellow gang members. Breakout gave to actor Nils Althaus the Shootingstar award at the 2007 Berlin International Film Festival.

Título original: Breakout

Ano: 2006

Duração: 94 minutos

País: Switzerland

Cor: color, 35mm


Roteiro: Thomas Hess, David Keller

Fotografia: Roli Schmid

Elenco: Nils Althaus, Melanie Winiger,

Produtor: Reto Schaerli, Lukas Hobi

Música: Moritz Schneider, Mich Gerber