Secrets of Women (1952)

Sobre o filme

Four women married to four brothers are spending a holiday in the Stockholm archipelago while they wait for their husbands to return from a business trip. On the last evening, before the men´s train is due to arrive from Stockholm, three of them recall episodes from their past life. Rakel tells of an affair with a lover from childhood days that led to her husband´s threatening to commit suicide in the garden shed. Märta recounts her student days in Paris, her romance with a Bohemian artist, Martin, and the details of a pre-marital confinement. Karin, the oldest of the three women, describes a farcical incident after a party, when she and her husband Fredrik were trapped in a lift. The fourth woman in the party declines to tell a story, and the fifth and youngest, Maj, elopes with her boyfriend just as the men return at dusk.

Título original: Kvinnors Väntan

Ano: 1952

Duração: 108 minutos

País: Sweden

Cor: P&B, 35 mm


Roteiro: Ingmar Bergman

Fotografia: Gunnar Fischer

Elenco: Anita Björk, Maj-Britt Nilsson, Eva Dahlbeck, Gunnar Björnstrand, Birger Malmsten, Jarl Kulle

Produtor: Allan Ekelund

Música: Erik Nordgren