Personal Che (2007)

Sobre o filme

The official biography of Argentinian Ernesto Che Guevara is set aside to analyze the different interpretations that today co-exist on the myth of the guerrilla, dead for 40 years in October 1967. One of the faces best known all over the world has several facets. In Bolivia, Che merits prayers and is viewed as a saint. In Cuba, he is a model for raising the children. Neonazis worship him in Germany. In the Lebanon, a successful opera was staged to divulge his life and debate on the bloody paths taken by the country. The communist icon became the flag for those who fight communism in Hong Kong. In the U.S., there are Latino citizens who adore him and Cubans in exile who detest him. The film also includes interviews, among others, with Jon Lee Anderson, reporter for New Yorker magazine and with Guevara’ biographer, writer Christopher Hitchens, by expert in political iconography David Kunzle, and by the creative Italian genius Oliviero Toscani.

Título original: Personal Che

Ano: 2007

Duração: 87 minutos

País: Colombia

Cor: color digital


Roteiro: Douglas Duarte, Adriana Mariño

Fotografia: Douglas Duarte, Adriana Mariño

Produtor: Pablo Jacobsen, Ernesto Estrada

Música: Camilo Sanabria & Monareta