Cucumber (2008)

Sobre o filme

Cucumber tells stories of three families through three Chinese dishes. HuoBaoYaoHua, GongBaoJiDing, YuXiangRouSi. Each of the stories is independent, but also connected. In the first family, Lao Chen, is a laid-off worker and has a bit of impotence. His wife likes going to the park and dancing with men. She has a lover and Lao Chen has known this for a long time but he is not willing to face the reality and pretends to know nothing. At the same time, he tries to eat various aphrodisiac, all kinds of medicine, hoping a quick cure for impotence. In the second family, Xiao Chen, unemployed 25-year-old, majoring in acting and directing, has graduated form a university two years ago but hasn‚Äôt got any job. He stays all day at home watching movies, writing scripts, imagining making his own films, and he believes that he will be famous in the future. Da Chen, from the rural area of Henan Province, sells vegetables illegally in Beijing, with his wife, a lame person. They have a 10-year-old son XingXing who studies in a Beijing school and they have to pay high temporary schooling fee annually. Their dream is to support their son enter into a Beijing’ university, and then after graduation, he could find a good and steady-going work, that means their son could no longer be a peasant but a resident in Beijing in the future.

Título original: Cucumber

Ano: 2008

Duração: 103 minutos

País: China

Cor: color, 35mm


Roteiro: Yaowu Zhou

Fotografia: Weihu Zhang

Elenco: Zhongwei Jiang, Zaihe Wang, Xia Shang, Duoduo Ren

Produtor: Zhongwei Jiang

Música: Jie Han