Os Rios de Cor Púrpura (2000)

Sobre o filme

Two policemen are face to face with two different, very curious cases, occurring on the same day, but three hundred kilometers apart. Working on one case is Niémans, a policeman with a great deal of experience that is to be transferred to Guernon, a university city in the Alps, where a terrible homicide has taken place with mutilation of the cadaver. Niémans goes to the city, but is tormented by painful obsessions. In the other instance, Max Kerkérian is investigating the desecration of a tomb in the city of Sarzac, of a boy that had disappeared and was then found dead. Kerkérian has an unusual curriculum. Before he was a policeman, he was a car thief. He changed sides so that he need not have to give up night and give up danger. The policemen are soon to realize there is something in common between the two crimes. This discovery will position them - side by side, but both on the threshold of death.

Título original: Les Rivières Pourpres

Ano: 2000

Duração: 105 minutos

País: France

Cor: colorido


Roteiro: Jean-Christophe Grangé, Mathieu Kassovitz

Fotografia: Thierry Arbogast

Montagem: Maryline Monthieux

Elenco: Jean Reno, Vincent Cassel, Nadia Farès, Dominique Sanda

Produtor: Alain Goldman