The Treasure of Arne (1919)

Sobre o filme

Regarded as a rarity because of the theme, The Treasure of Arne is a historic film set in sixteenth century Sweden, with pirates, ambition, and vengeance. The film tells of a love story between a Swedish girl and a Scottish sailor, Sir Archi who, together with three other sailors, kills farmer Arne and all of his family to steal his coffin covered in gold. The only survivor is one daughter Elsalill who moves to another town. The criminals, however, cannot escape because the ice prevents the ship from sailing. Archi and Elsalill later meet and fall in love, but she is soon to know that he is one of her father?s assassins. She will then have to decide between her love for him or her desire for justice. One highlight in the film is the final scene with the funeral procession in the snow.

Título original: Herr Arnes Pengar

Ano: 1919

Duração: 106 minutos

País: Sweden

Cor: Preto-e-branco


Roteiro: Maurice Stiller, Gustaf Molander

Fotografia: Julius Jaenson

Elenco: Richard Lund, Hjalmar Selander, Mary Johnson