The Antman (2002)

Sobre o filme

Loco Satano, High Priest of the Ants, has a diabolical plan in mind. With the objective of gaining absolute power over humanity, he intends to join a human being to an ant, psychopathic megalomania that would seem to be his main mission. He chooses celebrated journalist Bella Bonita as the perfect Queen, able to give birth to his ‘Antman’. However, Don José Álvarez, a much admired war hero and former chief of police in Mexico City, tired of his constant flights, decides to retire. He takes a new wife, Bella Bonita, to live with on an ancestral family ranch in the middle of a desert where he plans to rehabilitate his property. And this is precisely where Loco Satano also decides to set up his ‘headquarters general’. Don José is obliged to face Satano to save his adored Bella Bonita. The Antman is part of a series of films entitled ‘Planet B’, thus named intentionally, in accordance with the tradition of the former ‘B films’, from the point of view of narrative and of budget.

Título original: The Antman

Ano: 2002

Duração: 90 minutos

País: Germany

Cor: Col


Roteiro: Marc Alexander Meyer

Fotografia: Alexander Fischer-koesen

Elenco: Götz Otto, Yasmina Filali, Lars Rudolph,Elisabeth Volkmann, Gojko Mitic

Produtor: Tom Zickler, Timothy Tremper, Daniel C. Witte