Nucingen Haus (2008)

Sobre o filme

During the late thirties, a rich American, William James, lives in Paris with his wife, Anne-Marie. As a gambler, he wins a very beautiful house in Chile, at the bottom of the Andean Cordillera. They decide to visit the house, and to meet with the family who still lives there. But the people they meet are not all alive: skeletons, ghosts, living-dead are haunting the old villa.

Título original: Nucingen Haus

Ano: 2008

Duração: 94 minutos

País: France

Cor: color, digital


Roteiro: Raoul Ruiz

Fotografia: Inti Briones

Elenco: Elsa Zylberstein, Jean-Marc Barr, Audrey Marnay, Laurent Malet, Thomas Durand

Música: Daniel Gries