Nomads in Europe (2001)

Sobre o filme

Celik and Faik are two Albanians originally from the city of Rajce. The economic crisis that assails their homeland has obliged them to move to Hamburg in Germany. There, they expect to have the conditions necessary to live a fitting life and, who knows, help their families that stayed behind. Nomads from Europe is the diary of this train journey, a mix of hope and disillusion. Director Eric Velthuis does not see these passenger-characters as victims, although the plot for the film is very arid. This is owing to the nature of the two protagonists: robust Celik and docile Faik. With good humor and perseverance, the two are to cross valleys and mountains in quest of their unknown paradise.

Título original: Zwervers Van Europa

Ano: 2001

Duração: 48 minutos

País: Netherlands

Cor: colorido


Roteiro: Eric Velthuis

Fotografia: Stef Tijdink

Montagem: Iris Sikking

Produtor: Kees Ryninks, Carmen Cobos