Nobody´s Perfect (2008)

Sobre o filme

Humorous and searching look at how thalidomide has affected the way he’s perceived by the public and by himself. He asks a range of thalidomide victims to join him in posing naked for an exhibition of giant photos. Will he find enough willin models? Will he find the confidence to expose himself? And will he, or anyone else, find any aesthetic beauty in the finished pictures?

Título original: Nobody´s Perfect

Ano: 2008

Duração: 84 minutos

País: Germany

Cor: color, 35mm


Roteiro: Niko von Glasow, Kiki von Glasow, Andrew Emerson

Fotografia: Ania Dabrowska, Andreas Kölhler

Elenco: Stefan Fricke, Sigrid Kwelle, Mat Fraser, Doris Pakendorf, Andreas Meyer, Sofia Plich, Theo Zavelberg, Kim Morton, Bianca Vogel, Fred Dove, Petra Uttenweiler, Mandel von Glasow, Niko von Glasow, Wim Wenders

Produtor: Niko von Glasow

Música: Universal Music