The Camp Followers (1965)

Sobre o filme

The film is one of Zurlini’s masterpieces. It tells the story of a group of prostitutes “called up” to work in Italian military brothels during the Second World War to provide greater incentive to the soldiers. The plot, however, develops as from the relationship of the three girls with the three soldiers who are escorting them on the long journey they must undertake all the way to the military base in a mountainous region of Greece. The film is an indictment against the abuses of war and, mainly, against the military policy of Mussolini. Beautiful Anna Karina is outstanding in a cast where everybody is protagonist.

Título original: Le Soldatesse

Ano: 1965

País: Italy

Cor: Preto-e-branco


Elenco: Anna Karina, Marie Laforêt, Lea Massari, Valeria Moriconi, Milena Dravic, Mario Adorf