My Transhuman (2000)

Sobre o filme

Poetic evocation of the revolution of technology today and the impact produced thereby on human beings and on society. This is also a profound discussion on the possibilities of becoming transhuman, transcending physical degradation and the limitations of the body. Divided into eight sections, this documentary includes interviews with philosophers, artists, and specialists on the subject: The first is on cryogenics with a presentation by John Rodriguez, President of Transtime Inc., a company specialized in research on freezing animals and humans. In the second episode, Margareth Wertheim, an essayist specialized in the relationship between science and religion, discusses the Burning Man Festival held in the United States. Surgeon Joseph Rosen speculates on the advantages of becoming a cyborg. In another instance, author David Pearce discusses how to transcend negativism with the use of bioscience. Botanist Terence McKenna develops his theory of innovation based on a growing level of new technology in history. Robert White, a neurosurgeon, presents controversial research on brain transplants. Natasha More is a transhuman, cyberfeminist artist who believes that we may go beyond human conditions altering form and sex. Gregory Stock, author of the book Meta Man, broaches the following issue: "If we can control our genetic heritage, will we still be human?". Music plays an extremely important role throughout the documentary. For such, director Eric Kint was assisted by the most outstanding exponents of the Belgian contemporary musical scene.

Título original: My Transhuman

Ano: 2000

Duração: 80 minutos

País: Belgium

Cor: colorido

Direção: ERIC KINT

Roteiro: Eric Kint

Fotografia: Chris Renson

Montagem: Obbe Verwer

Produtor: Eric Kint