Mestre Bimba – The Enlightened (2005)

Sobre o filme

Capoeira, a sport/art/fight/game, developed in Brazil by Brazilians of African descent is estimated to be in practice in over 150 countries by some 8 million men and women of every age, belief, or origin. Capoeira is, also, one of the principal factors for the expansion of the Portuguese language throughout the world, for the classes are given in Portuguese, with music sung in Portuguese, with a story that narrates facts pertaining to the life and customs of the people of Brazil. All of this is the result of a dream by a visionary from the thirties, one of the greatest popular educators in Brazil, Manuel dos Reis Machado, Mestre Bimba (1899-1974).

Título original: Mestre Bimba - A Capoeira Iluminada

Ano: 2005

Duração: 78 minutos

País: Brazil

Cor: color, beta


Roteiro: Luiz Carlos Maciel

Fotografia: Rivaldo “Dody” Agostinho

Produtor: Nina Luz