It’s Better if Gabriela Doesn’t Die (2007)

Sobre o filme

“What will happen with Gabriela?” This question turns Miguel’s life upside down. Miguel is a young soap opera writer who doesn’t enjoy his job. The person formulating this question is Bracho, a police man that happens to be a fan of Destino de Amor, the soap opera for which Miguel works for. Bracho one day pulls Miguel over for a driving violation, but he decides to let him free in exchange for information on the villain of the show. But Ana Victoria, the actress that plays Gabriela, quits her job on Destino de Amor and the news of the villains’ death makes Bracho feel betrayed and exposed to ridicule among his peers and family. Bracho finds Miguel to settle a pending debt.

Título original: Mejor Es Que Gabriela No Se Muera

Ano: 2007

Duração: 99 minutos

País: Mexico

Cor: color e P&B


Roteiro: Ricardo Hernandez Anzola

Fotografia: Celiana Cardenas

Elenco: Mauricio Isaac, Dagoberto Gama, Gabriela Roel

Produtor: Sergio Umansky

Música: Renaud Barbier