Bad Habits (2006)

Sobre o filme

Matilde is a nun convinced that faith moves mountains. Secretly she begins a mystic fasting to end what she considers to be the second great flood. Elena is a thin and fashion-conscious woman ashamed of her daughter’s chubbiness. She’s willing to do the impossible to make her daughter Linda thin so she will look like a little princess on the day she receives her first communion. At the same time Elena’s husband Gustavo – a professor of Architecture – cannot cope any more with his wife’s bones sticking into him during more intimate moments. For relief, he turns his attention to a buxom female student with a hearty appetite. One family and different eating disorders. Their faith, love and vanity are all put to test at the dining room table.

Título original: Malos Hábitos

Ano: 2006

Duração: 98 minutos

País: Mexico

Cor: color, 35mm


Roteiro: Ernesto Anaya, Simón Bross

Fotografia: Eduardo Martinez Solares

Elenco: Jimena Ayala, Elena de Haro, Marco Treviño, Emilio Echevarría, Patricia Reyes Spindola

Produtor: Juan E. García, Mónica Lozano

Música: Daniele Luppi