Maui Boyz Hawaiian Sup`pa Men (2007)

Sobre o filme

Maui Boyz tells the story of ten locals from the island of Maui. Despite how different their lives appear in the beginning, the documentary leads to the realization that this place is a unique world in itself, and that every single individual represents a piece in the almighty Aloha Spirit. The lifeguard, Archie Kalepa, provides insight into his life, lead in the tradition of the Hawaiian Waterman. The Paniolo, Greg Friel, shares his experiences in what it means to choose the way of the Hawaiian Cowboy. While we follow the group Ekolu to their musical appearances, or get to know the workers in Maui`s sugarcane fields, Robby Naish and a handful of other surfers long for the world famous Jaws wave at Maui`s North Shore. All these men have one thing in common: they have remained boys-at-heart.

Título original: Maui Boyz Hawaiian Sup`pa Men

Ano: 2007

Duração: 85 minutos

País: Germany

Cor: color, digital


Roteiro: Carsten Maaz

Fotografia: Carsten Maaz

Elenco: Archie Kalepa, Greg Friel, Robby Naish, Buzzy Kerbox

Produtor: Carsten Maaz

Música: Marco Hertenstein