Maksuara Twilight of the Gods (2007)

Sobre o filme

Focuses on Indian culture in face of the impending death of this culture and on the extermination that Brazilian Indians have been subject to over the last 500 years. Indian Maksuara shows us the wisdom of those who have inhabited the forest in total harmony with nature in a respectful relationship, without destroying the forest, for at least five thousand years. A film that tells us of the condition of Indian tribes today with all of their glory in confrontation with abject poverty and abandonment.

Título original: Maksuara — Crepúsculo Dos Deuses

Ano: 2007

Duração: 85 minutos

País: Brazil

Cor: color, 35mm

Direção: Neville D’AlmeidaTAMUR AIMARA

Roteiro: Neville Dalmeida

Fotografia: Tamur Aimara

Produtor: Neville Dalmeida

Música: Índios Da Aldeia Kaiapó Aukre, André Abujamra