East West (1999)

Sobre o filme

In June, 1946, World War II has come to an end and Russian Dictator Joseph Stalin invites emigrants who have fled the country to return to their native land. Little do they know that this is no more than a horrendous trap. Of an entire ship that docks at the port of Odessa, only one physicist and his family are spared. All the rest are put to death or arrested. The family are sent to Kiev, but the wife, who is French, wishes to return at once. They know they are prisoners in their own country and that they will be watched ceaselessly. Chance has it, or fate has it that she will meet a French actress on her way through the country. She will help them to leave the country, but for such, they must take every precaution possible. They realize their chances of freedom are remote. The KGB is after them and they have but two weapons to fall back on: the husband?s self-control and the beauty of his wife.

Título original: Est Ouest

Ano: 1999

Duração: 121 minutos

País: France

Cor: colorido


Roteiro: Régis Wargnier, Roustam Ibraguimbekov, Serguei Bodrov, Louis Gardel

Fotografia: Laurent Dailland

Montagem: Hervé Schneid

Elenco: Catherine Deneuve, Sandrine Bonnaire, Oleg Menchikov, Serguei Bodrov Jr.

Produtor: Yves Marmion