The Good Life (2007)

Sobre o filme

Santiago 2008. Teresa, Edmundo, Mário, and Patrícia are four city people whose lives cross each other mid horns blaring, brakes screeching, and the sounding of automobile burglar alarms, but that rarely draw close. Enveloped by the urban whirl, each pursues a dream: Teresa is a psychologist who endeavors to save lives; Edmundo, a hairdresser whose dream it is to purchase a car; Mário would like to join the Philarmonic. Patrícia survives. Each yearns for something that seems accessible enough but that nobody ever attains. What they do find is unexpected.

Título original: La Buena Vida

Ano: 2007

Duração: 108 minutos

País: Chile

Cor: color, 35mm

Direção: Andrés Wood

Roteiro: Mamoun Hassan

Fotografia: Miguel Littin

Elenco: Aline Kuppenheim, Manuela Martelli, Eduardo Paxeco, Roberto Farias, Manuela Oyarzún

Produtor: Andrés Woods

Música: José Miguel Miranda, Jose Miguel Tobar