Man of the Crowds (2001)

Sobre o filme

In a church in Lisbon, a couple draws apart from a group of tourists. The man suddenly faints. At the hospital, his wife is informed that her husband has suffered a very strong psychological shock owing to the emotion of having seen too much that was beautiful in too short a period of time. This is a psychological trauma known as the Stendhal Syndrome. A young psychoanalyst, however, eventually discovers that the true cause of his problems is hidden in a past that he does not wish to bring to the surface. He regards himself as victim; however, the true victims are about to come on the scene.

Título original: L?homme Des Foules

Ano: 2001

Duração: 90 minutos

País: France

Cor: colorido


Roteiro: Emmanuel Salinger, Pascal Bonitzer, John Lvoff

Fotografia: Jean-Claude Larrieu

Montagem: Mônica Coleman

Elenco: Maria de Medeiros, Jerzy Radziwilowicz, Danuta Stenka

Produtor: Maurice Tinchant, Martine Marignac