Formidable (2007)

Sobre o filme

Matthieu is by profession unemployed, selling candy at the gates of a school and helping children across the road. One day he causes a collision. This may mean he loses his job and he appeals to Marc, the other party involved in the accident, to exempt him from guilt. But Marc, who sells equipment to the police is in trouble. He is facing both a litigious divorce and total bankruptcy of his company. His hope lies in managing to sell off his stock of flashers to the federal police to try and recover what he has lost. But his wife takes possession of his car, and his credit card is refused. Matthieu volunteers to help Marc if he will take the blame for the accident. The two men, then, with nothing in common, travel south on a cheap motorcycle with the flashers on their shoulders and not a cent to their name. Living at close quarters shows what is behind appearances and highlights differences. Even so, they learn to get along and begin to take a liking for each other. Great, no?

Título original: Formidable

Ano: 2007

Duração: 90 minutos

País: Belgium

Cor: color 35mm


Roteiro: Dominique Standaert

Fotografia: Remon Fromont

Elenco: Stephane de Groodt, Serge Larivière

Produtor: Patrick Quinet

Música: Frederi Vercheval