Fata Morgana (2012)

Sobre o filme

Two wrinkled lovers, marked by life, expose their deepest inner emotions. Giuliana compares the vaults of her spirit with closed doors that you ‘have to open cautiously`. `But,` Christian wonders, `does that make you happier?` They talk slowly and calmly, looking for the right words for their inner demons. It all comes down to the impossibility of understanding yourself – let alone anyone else.

Título original: Fata Morgana

Ano: 2012

Classificação: General Audiences

Duração: 140 min.

Gênero: Fiction

País: Austria

Cor: PB


Roteiro: Peter Schreiner

Fotografia: Peter Schreiner

Montagem: Peter Schreiner

Elenco: Giuliana Pachner, Christian Schmidt, Awad Elkish

Produtor: Peter Schreiner

Produção: Echt Zeit Film

Música: Johannes Shmetzer Ziringer

World Sales: Six Pack Film